my demoscene life: offence! [|C=] · farbrausch []
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confession: i'm highly sid, chiptune & video game music addicted! ;]


recent tunes: @soundcloud @clyp
peek-a-toon (exchipo shorty) · 4kb picatune exe music (ogg|mp3)
ladybug vision (xm|ogg) /|\ exchipo 4k-invtro ()
la femme immortelle (feat. BeRo) · bp09 executable music (exe|txt|ogg)
my bloopsaphone experiments: cheeky drat (mp3|src) · warp-o-mat (mp3|src)

not so recent tunes: @modland (a few of my amiga mods, 1992-96)
jazz thang – jazzy house tune (1996, idiosyncratic & raw style ;)
snacks 4ya'r mind: freibeuter [piratenmischung] /|\ genversuche [weltuntergangsremix]

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